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Blog Round Up!

A quick post to collect some of the takes on the #TRUDigitalDetox floating around the blog-o-sphere over the last month.

So, the boss kicked off the blog chatter with his commitment to follow the Detox (he has to; I work here). D’arcy Norman responded in kind. Anne-Marie Scott also introduced the idea on her blog, simultaneously moving to Edmonton (#TRUDigitalDetox accepts no responsibility for relocations to Edmonton or points north). Tannis Morgan called this project “incredibly well crafted and reader friendly,” which after a life spent trying to make theory mean something is all I’ve ever wanted in a review — thank you, Tannis. And Mary Hanlon shared the Digital Detox with the folks at Social Alterations, noting that it “has highlighted many (un)ethical considerations related to online learning and so much more.” (I got to hang out with Mary’s students last week. What a blast!)

Jason Toal is out here doing the work of detoxifying his own digital life, with references to our conversation about Ethics and Data Privacy and also Algorithms and Exclusion. I loved what Jason had to say about the was technology has been using him in that first linked post:

Whether its the multitude of passwords I manage, the two factor authentication I need to keep my information transaction secure, or the Captcha hoops I have to jump through to verify that I am human, I can’t help but think that its all making me less so. More machine, less human.

Have you been blogging along with us? Are you planning to blog now that the month is done and you can breathe again? Share your musings with us in the comments.

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