some of the biggest issues in technology, and especially educational technology, today. We’ll learn about issues of equity, ethics, access, and we’ll talk about data privacy and how students and faculty are targeted.


with other members of the TRU community who are wrestling with the same ideas and looking to establish a healthier relationship to technology. We’ll build a community of practice to keep this conversation going all year.


your tech-use practices with new information in mind. We’ll empower you to make better choices about how you interact with technology in your life and work, and give you questions to ask in your post-detox life.

What to Expect When You’re Detoxing

For the month of January, we’ll remind you twice a week when there are new posts to read on the Digital Detox site. We’ll also send you information about face-to-face discussion meet-ups during Digital Detox month, and we’ll connect you to related resources and future sessions.

All members of the TRU community and beyond are welcome to join in our conversation.

2020 Digital Detox

Preview Post: Why Detox?

When you hear the phrase “digital detox,” your mind probably goes to some kind of digital fasting experience — maybe you’ll leave your phone alone for a weekend or lock down your home wifi ne…

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