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Digital Detox #4: A Case Study of Suck

Reading Time: 9 minutes A subtitle of sorts: Contract Cheating and Equity, Data, and Algorithms. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about contract cheating and a lot about what contract cheating tells us about the problems endemic to our relationship to technology. … Read More

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Face-to-Face Sessions

Session 1 Welcome, Digital Detoxers, to out first face-to-face session. Today we’ll be framing the Digital Detox project, having some breakout small-group discussions about the first three posts, and then have a larger discussion with time to ask questions and … Read More

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Digital Detox #3: Algorithms and Exclusion

Reading Time: 7 minutes Today’s topic is a particularly heavy one, because I’m going to ask you to wrestle with the idea of what social exclusion looks like in the context of technology, and how many modes of exclusion are baked in to the … Read More

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Digital Detox #2: Ethics and Data Privacy

Reading Time: 9 minutes Okay, it’s time to roll up our sleeves for the big guns: ethics and data. It’s probably not a surprising piece of information for me to share with you that much of what you engage with online — from Google … Read More


What to Expect When You’re Detoxing For the month of January, we’ll remind you twice a week when there are new posts to read on the Digital Detox site. We’ll also send you information about face-to-face discussion meet-ups during Digital … Read More

Further Resources

We’re indebted to the folks at the Office of Digital Learning and Inquiry at Middlebury College, who ran such a great Digital Detox in 2019 that we were inspired to give it a whirl ourselves. The Learning Technology team is … Read More

About the TRU Digital Detox

TRU’s Digital Detox 2020 is brought to you by the Learning Technology Team, housed over in Open Learning. You might know us best from answering your Moodle Support questions in the dead of night, or from our learning technology workshops. … Read More