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Digital Detox #6: Build Back Better

Reading Time: 9 minutes What would it mean to build back better in the wake of Covid-19? When I think about the scope of the problem, all that there is to manage and to repair, I confess that I shrink from it. It feels … Read More

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Digital Detox #5: The Harm Was Always There

Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s bitterly cold this week in Kamloops. I went out for a walk today before sitting down to write this, and it is taking me forever to warm up again, even though I’m now sitting in the sunshine in my … Read More

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Digital Detox #1: Welcome to the Show

Reading Time: 4 minutes Welcome to the 2021 TRU Digital Detox.  Last year, I used the Digital Detox at least in part to introduce myself to the TRU campus and showcase my priorities in my new role as Coordinator, Educational Technologies. My big thing … Read More

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Digital Detox #0: Preview

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last year, following the example of the very cool team at Middlebury College, we launched the 2020 TRU Digital Detox. In a series of eight essays (and three face-to-face sessions!), we discussed pressing issues in educational technologies. We focused on … Read More

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The Final Farewell

Reading Time: 3 minutes Well, we’ve done it, my friends. This month, you’ve read along with me through eight substantive essays on equity and access, ethics and data privacy, algorithms, contract cheating, critical digital pedagogies, possibilities for resistance, open education, and (my favourite) care … Read More

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Blog Round Up!

Reading Time: < 1 minute A quick post to collect some of the takes on the #TRUDigitalDetox floating around the blog-o-sphere over the last month. So, the boss kicked off the blog chatter with his commitment to follow the Detox (he has to; I work … Read More